Stageit Support

Chris Knific December 15, 2011 General

  • What is Stageit?

    Stageit is a virtual stage that allows Performers to make money from LIVE, interactive experiences while offering their fans a front row seat to a backstage experience.
  • Who is Stageit for?

    It's for Performers and fans. Until now, Performers have not had an online venue where they can showcase their talents and make money in real time. Likewise, fans have not had a way to show to give money directly to their favorite Performers. Stageit connects them.
  • How does it work?

    A Performer creates a show, sets the price or suggested donation, then invites his/her fans to come. It's that simple. The fans can purchase Notes (Stageit's currency, 10 Notes = $1) to buy tickets to shows and tip Performers during the show. One thing to note: you (Performers and Fans alike) will need to be on a current version of your favorite browser, be up-to-date on your Adobe Flash Player updates and have a good internet connection. (We do no support IE6, IE7 and Opera browsers.)


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