What Is Hitchhiking?




  • Kirk Gleason

    It doesn't really explain things very well. If I have a ticket, and I give a ride to someone, am I giving up my ticket? Or do we both end up watching the show. Don't mind helping people out, just wanna figure out how it all works.

  • Tony Hartman

    Hey Kirk, great point and question. We will adjust the answer!

  • Perfekt

    If I give someone a ride, does it increase my supporter rank? i.e. does it count the same as me buying a ticket or tipping?

  • Tony Hartman

    Greetings Perfekt. Though it doesn't reflect your rank at this time, we have considered building it out to do this and are currently discussing. We appreciate the feedback and have sent some extra notes your way. 

  • Tom Calhoun

    Does the artist know you are buying tickets for others to see their show?
    Does the person know who bought their ticket?

    It seems to lose a little if it's entirely anonymous and it does nothing at all for your supporter rank. It's a nice thing to do but ...

  • Vicki Edgington

    I just picked up a hitch hiker...I noticed my rank went from 6 to 5... Does this count toward your ranking for the prizes?

  • Robinmay Uk

    I have a friend who I've asked to sign in and then click on the hitch button. They're telling me that when they click on the hitch button, nothing happens (although they obviously get the 'Buy a Ticket' pop-up. I've gone to a show and clicked on the button and likewise ~ nothing is happening.
    What's really needed is a step-by-step 'How To Hitch'. I'm a techie and I can't work it out!!!
    Aim it at technophobes.

  • Katie Meredith

    Has the change of your rank been updated at all if you buy a ticket for a hitchiker?

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